Monday, July 26, 2010

Upcoming Summer Skateboard Contests

As summer starts coming to an end, 
skateboarding events start heating up.  

Contest Sunday August 1st + $100 Best Trick        RAMPS N RAILS  - RNR SKATEPARK

Coming up first, MIA skatepark is hosting a contest on August, 1st.  They're opening their doors at 10 am and starting their contest at noon.  Only $15 to register in this contest which has 3 divisions along with Best Trick contest.  Best Trick winner walks away with $100.

Next, Ramps N Rails is hosting their "Lock-In Sesh" on August, 14th where you 
skate all night in their locked-down skatepark.  It is sure to be a great time.

The next day, August 15th, MIA skatepark is hosting Gatorade's Free Flow Tour - one of the 
biggest contest of the summer.  You can pre-register and can find more details on their website.

On August 21st, Skatepark of Tampa is hosting their Back to School Bash.  
More details should be posted soon on their site.

And finally, Ramps N Rails will be holding a Back to School contest hosted by 
Magic City Skateboard on August, 28th.  Doors open at 10:00 am.  
Details coming soon.

August 1st - MIA Skatepark Contest
August 14th - Ramps N Rails Lock In
August 15th - MIA Skatepark Gatorade Free Flow
August 21st - Skatepark of Tampa Contest
August 28th - Ramps N Rails Contest

Also, Mike Schmidt is back in action after recovering from his dislocated toe from Skatepark of Tampa's contest back in April.  Using the trip to Camp Woodward that he won in that contest, he will be coming back strong to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour.  We look forward to seeing his new skills.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ryan Deryk's Entry to Rabid Rabbit Studio


Ryan is age fifteen and has been filming for two years, his favorite location to skate is "downtown Miami", he also skateboards riding an "Amaxon" board. He says his gene of music is mostly "rock", and when i asked him what his favorite thing to do on the weekend is... he said "film skatboarding!"

Current Issue

The Skateboard Mag put out an issue in 3D, totally awesome.. the only down fall is the crappy 3D glasses that come with the mag but we plan to grab some from a local movie theater. Seeing skateboard photography in 3D adds a whole other realm to the sports action world and rabid rabbit studio plans on 3D photography to be in our future. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Balistocrats Episode # 8

Kevin Guillaume Lays down the skill and comes up with the first Rabid Rabbit Studio skateboard Deck Designs. 

and Personal, the funniest comic yet created by Kevin Guillaume, owner of and one of 
Rabid Rabbit Studio's filmers.